An Ethical Currency account works for individuals, businesses, charities and NGOs.
If saving money on your international transactions by using us isn’t incentive enough, you’ll be helping great causes at the same time at no additional cost to you.
All you’ll see is big savings.


Make your money a force for good in this world. Let's do it together! 



Ethical Currency's foreign exchange service makes sense for anyone wanting to save money (and we can’t think of anyone who doesn’t) on their international transactions, and become agents of positive change.






Ethical Currency is a smart, cost-effective currency exchange alternative for businesses operating in a highly competitive global climate. If your business can save money, time and become more efficient, then it gains an edge, and that edge could mean everything.





Ethical Currency is the logical foreign exchange partner for NGOs and charities because we make sure those in need benefit from your custom. Using a micro-tax from our own trading we’ve created a fund to fight global poverty.




Proof Of Identity


To comply with industry regulations, all applicants must provide some form of photographic identification.


Our preferred proof is a valid passport in your own name but if this is not possible then we may accept other documents instead.


In some instances we may request additional documents to verify your identity before opening an account. We will advise you of this at the end of your application.


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