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If you’ve stumbled across this site, chances are you’ll already have a vague idea what a foreign exchange specialist does.  In a nutshell, we work with individuals, businesseses, charities and NGOs beating high street bank exchange rates to save them up to 4% on their currency transactions. That means you save money or that money money gets where it is most needed. 
Lots of it!

Ethical Currency provides a currency exchange and international payments services to businesses, third sector organisations and private individuals. 


We also offer big savings on currency transactions. How? Because we’re not a bank. In fact, we think the banks give the foreign exchange industry a bad name, because they cream off big profits by taking fees and offering poor rates. We’re here to change all that.


Ethical Currency is a smart alternative to the banks for your business, your charity or those for whom donor funds were intended. We employ forex brainiacs who like nothing better than assessing and tracking global currency markets so our clients’ money can stretch further.

We exchange your currency at the best rates via telephone or an email exchange with you. Or you can do it yourself online - receiving and paying in over 40 currencies from just one Ethical Currency account.


As well as the obvious financial choice, we’re also the ethical choice, as the world’s first foreign exchange broker to adopt the Currency Transaction Levy (CTL). From our profits, we create a fund to fight inequality globally.



Ethical Currency is the world’s first foreign exchange broker to voluntarily pay the Currency Transaction Levy (CTL). The CTL was conceived as the Tobin Tax by Nobel Laureate James Tobin in 1972. The tax, which goes to fighting poverty, disease and inequality in the developing world, is taken from our own profits and has no impact on what our clients pay for the currency
and payments.



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