A foreign exchange specialist that saves you money and makes a difference.


If you’ve stumbled across this site, chances are you’ll already have a vague idea what a foreign exchange specialist does. In a nutshell, we work with individuals, businesses, charities and NGOs, beating high street bank rates to save them up to 4% on their currency transactions.

Hopefully, a 4% saving will have already piqued your interest. But this particular foreign exchange firm stands out in more ways than one. Why? Because we’re the first foreign exchange broker to give a percentage of our hard-earned profits to help good causes globally, at no extra cost to our clients.


That’s why we call ourselves Ethical Currency. Now if everyone in our industry followed our lead (chance would be a fine thing), then between $30 billion and $40 billion could be raised every year. We call it change through exchange.


We’ve also taken steps to make foreign exchange simpler. Instead of having to manage multiple accounts to transact in different currencies, all our clients get just one, free multi-currency account from which they can make and receive international currency payments in more than 40 currencies. We find that speeds things up, and makes things a lot less complicated.










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One Account –

Global Reach


Using just one, free, no obligations account you can receive, transact between & make payments in over forty currencies.

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Currency Transactions

& Hedging


Ethical Currency trades in the interbank FX markets. That means we access wholesale currency rates which we can pass on to our clients, offering them... Find out more